Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taylor Twins Video

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Taylor Twins Nude Nurse Game

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Taylor Twins Sex Game

Taylor Twins were playing another sex game. One of them has lowered her shorts so the other one could see her pussy. She was looking at it with her eyes wide open, they looked in each other's eyes, then they closet them... Taylor Twins took off their shorts. One was lying in front of another one so innocent, so beautiful. It deeply breathed, thus her breast rose up and her nipples became hard. One tooka a vibrator from her bag and pulled a condom on it. She spread her legs and started to put it inside of her lovers pussy slowly. Taylor Twins started to move their butts and one of them was pressing with her hand on her girlfriends clit. She started to moan and massage her nipples. Their loud groan got even louder. Taylor Twins started to scream, then got soft, lied down and cum.

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Taylor Twins Nude

Taylor Twins like to play nude. She took off her underwear with her teeth. Her girlfriend got excited and took a long black dildo which she used to play with during long nites she was alone. She started to smile and began to lick that dildo making it wet and shining. Taylor Twins looked very sexy. When it was porperly watered she started to put it inside her pussy slowly. She was compelety nude. Pussylips were spreading wider with the dildo moving in more. When she could feel full dildo inside of her belley she started to get really horny. Her lover noticed that and increased the tempo of dildo fuck. She couldn't stand it any more and Taylor Twins both got an unbelivable orgasm which was shivering their young bodies and erasing all their thoughts. Taylor Twins were swet of pleasure.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Taylor Twins

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